Vaulted sidewalks, frescoed facades and plenty of Prosecco. Welcome to this laidback Italian town on the Venetian flight path.

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With it's proud clock tower, Piazza Dei Signiori is found in the center of town and is an unavoidable crossing point for everyone on foot or wheels. It's hard to miss it and eventually everyone meanders through it on their way for a Spritz Aperol or an after-dinner ice cream .

Put simply, this town is a hidden gem. And in a way we hope it stays that way. Located about 20 minutes from Venice by train, Terviso's airport is often used for bussing tourists through, but few stop and take a look. Unless you're into cycling of course.


Originally a holiday destination for wealthy fisherman and traders from Venice, this medieval-walled town has gone through many changes through the ages. Traditionally wealthy and well-heeled, a walk through town centre will quickly reveal some of its' past glory. There are frescoes on the outside walls of many buildings and comparatively large churches for such a small area.

More recently, Treviso has become known for its focus on sport due to big brands like Benetton and Pinarello originating from here.

It's situated in a flat, once marshy area but head north to Vittorio Veneto and the roads lead quickly up into steep mountain roads going into the Dolomites. It's the perfect introduction into cycling since beginners can build their confidence and strength on the plains, and eventually meander into the hills when they are ready.

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Treviso has a lot of cycling heritage, and is a regular feature on some of the big tours. The town has become a common stop on the Giro d' Italia and continues to add amateur races to it's calendar every year. Its a great base to ride out from since the area has some pretty gorgeous villages to head for like Asolo, the home of Grappa, or Conegliano which has a fantastic church on a hilltop which is worth a climb for. Check the map you'll find plenty more.

The fact is that Treviso is not about competition, it's about enjoyment. It's a small, accessible place and it nurtures cycling as an all-round activity. And hey, when you're in the mood for some tourist action just head for Venice.