san marco GRADo

A touch of retro racing style for the city and beyond.

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the details

For the 5 pieces in the limited Grado series, we wanted to combine a modern look with some retro racing-like accents. Our inspiration started from a traditional British racing look which we freshened up.


Staring up front with a deep sea green, we faded backwards into a dark metallic charcoal grey. Including the wheels. The reflective metallic effect is subtle but gave a very clean and understated base to work over. In keeping with our handmade (vandalised) approach, we accented the frame with bright yellow stripes which were painted on with a brush (and before you ask: yes, they do make you go faster).

The yellow marks feel slightly raised to the touch and the natural shapes created by the brush is a clear indication that it was applied by hand.

first frame

This frame was finished for Eloise Adler and since it was the first one sold, we gave her an extra touch of personalisation. Her idea was to add her initials in morse code on the top tube. A nice way to stay within the design language; the two dots and stripe translate to her initials: E • A • —
Eloise was later featured in a series of promo shots for Vulpine and got to spend some time crawling the city and climbing in the Alps with her one-of-a-kind vintage frame. Goes to show that a fresh new paint job, looks good anywhere.

Photo: Eloise Adler x

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