san marco

Fully chromed vintage SLX gets the premium candy coat treatment.

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the details

Channelling the light-catching pizzazz of 80s show bikes, our Cromovelato series is a nod to the goddess of candy-chrome. Each frame in this series is presented with a one-off pop colour and is fully chromed from tip to toe because, well that’s just how they rolled back then.

We know that these days there’s less need for chroming anything since stainless steel tubing looks so good. And yet somehow that’s what makes chroming special. It adds to the value because it takes longer to finished and the final crafted piece is all that more special.

something extra

A detail you probably can't catch on-screen is that we treated the black areas in the same way as the colours. We applied a black transparent layer over the chrome to create a slick, oily feel and give it a sense of glittering reflections.

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