cora's all road surprise

Based on the colours of a bird, this bike rides like the wind.

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the details

Cora's new All Road bike was a special gift from her husband Wouter. She's obviously a pretty special lady. So that Cora could tear up the highways and muddy paths near their home, Wouter had us build her a custom version of our All Road frame. One-off paint with a canary theme brings new life to the Columbus dove. While custom geometry and a heap of great details mean she's set for years to come. If only everyone had a Wouter in their life.

The paint concept developed through simple conversation. Over a few emails and a couple of calls we were able to quickly brainstorm a variety of ideas. The "bird theme" developed pretty early on, and once we settled on the colours, it all happened pretty fast after that.

We loved adding the white feathers on the head tube and seat tube because the pattern creates a natural sense of motion. It's a theme we try to keep running throughout our designs.

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