our story

My Wild Love is a boutique bicycle company that uses Italian artisans to make beautiful steel bikes.

You've heard it before: two guys who love bikes, go head-first into the zone. We started out by bringing old steel frames to life, and now we produce them ourselves because the feeling of a custom bike is too good to keep to ourselves.

From construction to paint, everything takes place in Veneto, Italy.

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the building process


It always starts with a conversation: What kind of bike are you after? What are your measurements and what do you have in mind as paintwork? Let's not rush it. We'll work on it with you.


Once the concept is finalised, the frame gets welded and eventually sprayed. The lead time on this varies but expect 10 weeks. We'll keep you posted. You'll have a lifetime together with your bike.


Once your frame is built you can choose to have it assembled by us too. We like to use all-Italian groups from Campagnolo because we get the parts fast and cheaper than other brands but if you prefer others, we'll see what we can do.


WHAT KIND OF frames can i choose from?

We offer a selection of new and vintage frames. Our new frames are fully custom and include road and all-road models. Our vintage frames were built in the 80s with classic geometry and are available with custom finishes.

WHAT parts will my bike have?

We build our frames from Columbus steel and use a mix of tubes to achieve different ride qualities. For components, we like to stick with Italian classics like Campagnolo, 3T, and Fizik.

How long will my frame take?

Lead times are hard to pin down but expect around 12 - 20 weeks as a general guide. Factors like time of year, our builders’ workload, parts availability and special details all influence the time we take. Throughout the process, we’ll keep you up to date with your frame’s progress.

where will my frame be built?

All work is done in the Veneto area of Italy. With Treviso as our base, we use various suppliers dotted around the province. If you have a frame of your own to refurbish, it will have to be sent to Treviso.

how do i order a bike?

It all starts with a conversation. Get in touch and we’ll talk about where you cycle and what you’re looking for in a bike. We’ll then give you a quote. After you accept it, we’ll begin developing your frame together, from custom tube selection to frame parts and one-off paint.

how will my paintwork be developed?

We will develop your paintwork in combination with you. Based on what you like, we’ll give you two designs to choose from, plus a round of changes. Keep in mind that we don’t do ‘traditional’ and our bikes always feature outspoken colors and strong patterns. Expect something beautiful.

will my bike be a perfect fit?

Yes, it will. After we’ve given you a quote and you’ve chosen to proceed, we’ll direct you to our preferred bike fitter in your part of the world. Alternatively, if you’ve already had a fit done, we’ll build your frame based on those dimensions.

why do you build with steel?

There are many reasons from longevity to comfort and road-feel. We also like steel because it is customizable and can be worked into such wonderful objects. There’s no other material like it. We also love steel because it lasts a lifetime.

what if i change my mind?

Everyone's allowed to change their mind, that's why we ask for a 50% deposit upon ordering to cover the raw materials and some production costs. If we can stop the process in time, we will refund you the left-over amount.

can i buy MWL in a shop?

Not yet. Currently, the only place to order is through us. It can be a bit unnerving ordering a frame at a distance. But we promise that you’ll get great service and an unforgettable frame in return.

How much will it cost to ship my frame?

Shipping varies per country. As part of your quote, we’ll include shipping.

how can I pay?

You can pay for your new frame with credit card, PayPal or a bank transfer. Message us, and we'll mail you the info you need.

there are always more questions. so just message us!