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custom italian steel

Stand out from the pack with fully custom steel, hand-built and sprayed in Italy.
Guaranteed to be almost as beautiful as your thighs.
Message us to talk possibilities.

hand built

Mitered, brazed and welded by the same hands that have been building for over 30 years.


Geometry, paint and handling tailored to your body and riding style.

made in italy

Built in Treviso, Italy from the finest steel available, Columbus Tubi are, recognizable by that little white birdy.

all road

classic road

light road

I’d been riding carbon for years, but was curious how steel would feel. Well, it hasn’t disappointed. My San Marco not only gets more comments than my Pinarello, but it also rides like silk.

stuart philips,
fuse production

A nice company with a killer aesthetic. I love the way they honor steels’ roots, but give everything a contemporary twist. These guys really get it.


A rad combination of old steel and modern paint. I’ve ridden my pink-striped San Marco through everything from foreign cities to gravelled forests and it turns heads, every time.

John woodroof,
Twotone Amsterdam


Slamming together Italian artistry and traditional African design, we created a custom paint job in honour of the 2018 edition of L’Eroica South Africa.

coming soon

one of a kind

Expect a lot of attention because nothing makes other riders more jealous than a custom build. Having a perfect fit means you'll be riding more miles than ever before.


Send us your measurements or have a bike fitting done.


We'll design a geometry and paintwork especially for you.


Expect a delivery anywhere in the world Feel like a

game of the century

colab: africa

The wildest special edition we've ever made.

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cora's all road

A gift for a special lady.

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riding the
Tankwa karoo

Some rolling thoughts from a trip in the desert.

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