Builder: My Wild Love
Style: Road
Tubing: Columbus SL Steel
Geo: Classic

Built: Starting at €3120

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Hand built and painted in Treviso, Italy, the Angolo is a contemporary take on classic steel. Beautifully pantographed lugs and slim lines keep things timeless. While the explosive finish and 28mm tyre spacing make it decidedly modern. Like the bikes of the 80s that inspired it, it offers a punchy ride and the unique road-feel of steel.

Built by the same hands that have been brazing steel for more than 30 years, the Angolo combines Columbus SL steel with a mix of new and vintage lugs. Columbus SL steel, forged from a blend of alloys called Niobium, gives superior stiffness and low weight. Vintage lugs (from our frame-builders basement) add flair to the headtube, while modern, vertical drops ensure exact rear wheel placement.

Inspired by the feeling of acceleration, the Angolo's paint scheme depicts a moment of explosion. Fragments of color explode outwards from the centre, creating a pattern of shards across the frame. Creating the effect takes multiple complex masks, five layers of paint and multiple bakes in the oven. In all, more than a day is required to paint each frame.

The Angolo is offered in sizes from 50 to 60 cm, in increments of 2 cm. Classic geometry is used, meaning that you'll probably need to go up a size if you're currently riding a compact frame. Drop us a line for an overview of the geometry in your size.

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